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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mama Guilt Monday

I never knew a baby could poop so much! C poops at least 5 times a day and has from the day he was born!!
Because of this, he constantly has a diaper rash. I try to change him as soon as I notice a dirty diaper. This last week, I had changed C and put him down for his nap, and 2 hours later he woke up with a dirty diaper and a horrible rash. Talk about Mama Guilt! I swear I checked before I put him to sleep!
For the rest of the day, he continued to poop every hour or so and would scream every time because it hurt so bad. Then he would scream louder when I changed him. Talk about Super Mama Guilt!
It rarely gets this bad, but when it does, I definitely have those "how could I let this happen" moments.

Come link up to Mama Guilt Monday at Cop Mama, and share your mama guilt. It's always such a relief to find out you're not the only one :)


  1. I can completly understand this one. There was a short spell recently where this happened with my youngest and it would bring me to tears when changing a dirty diaper. She screamed so much and you could just see how much pain she was in. every ounce in my body hurt and i think how could i let this happen. I've given up with diaper rash cream instead i use vaseline - it just puts up that barrier and it seems to heal quicker than with cream.

  2. My friend is a doctor and she told me the easiest, most simple way to help the pain and get rid of the rash. Take some Maalox, or any other liquid antacid and put it on the diaper rash. Diaper rash happens when the acidity of the urine and poop is high and irritates the skin. The liquid antacid should balance out the pH on their bottom and make it feel better instantly. I have done this and it is AMAZING! Just thought I would share. Stopping by from Mama Guilt Monday.

  3. Oh, sorry about your kiddo. We have spells like that too. Have you tried different diet options? We eliminated dairy for a period of time and that helped.

    Thanks for linking up this week!