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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quiet Time

With two kids almost 2 years apart I am constantly trying to figure out a good nap time process. For a while I actually had both of my boys taking their afternoon naps in their room (which they share) and life was wonderful.
But then they started playing and entertaining each other to the point that they would just stay up for 2+ hours laughing, fighting, etc. K is almost 3 and not quite ready to give up afternoon naps most days, but fought me tooth and nail about taking naps, and C can't fall asleep if K is in the room with him.
My solution? Quiet time. C still takes his morning nap in his crib, but for his afternoon nap, I cuddle with him on the couch until he falls asleep, and K stays in his room for quiet time. He knows that he can't come downstairs until C wakes up, and almost every day since we started this, he has fallen asleep while playing with his toys. It may not be the best of methods to get my kids to sleep, but hey, it works for me!
A major bonus is that I get quality cuddle time with C where he just smiles up at me until his eyelids flutter closed. Sometimes I even sneak in a nap too!
I also really like the independence and sense of empowerment that this gives K. He seems to embrace naps more readily because it is his choice.

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  1. Naptime can be the best time and the worst time! I'm glad you've found something that works and that is what matters!!! And getting extra cuddle time is always wonderful.