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Friday, February 5, 2010


I hate chopping onions. I think I'm affected more by them than others. Once, I even blacked out while chopping onions. But, I continue to use them in my recipes, because most of my recipes call for them. The other day I decided to just chop all of the onions I had in my food processor and freeze them, so ideally I will just pull the individual bags out and toss them into my recipes...we'll have to see if I like this. If so, this may be my solution...at least I only have to sob and deal with burning eyes for the rest of the day once a month instead of at least weekly.

Recently, I commented on Facebook how I hate onions and I thought the replies were fantastic! I had never even thought of all the onion options out there! The comments I got from friends were:
  1. "They sell chopped onions in the freezer section ;) just open and pour...perfectly diced every time :D"
  2. "I usually just use the dry minced onions from the spice aisle"
  3. "we eat a lot of onions-this video made my life a lot easier: http://www.channel4.com/food/on-tv/cookalong-live/cookalong-live-the-series/week-2/how-to-chop-an-onion_p_1.html
Mom's Toolbox suggests putting water in your mouth while you chop and I can't wait to try this...well, I'll wait until I have to chop onions again :)

So now I'm curious...does anyone else have onion wisdom they'd like to impart?

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