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Monday, February 22, 2010

Changing Table Organizer

I recently switched to using primarily cloth diapers for C for multiple reasons, but have found that this brings with it quite a few accesories that I didn't have to worry about before. Both my boys are into taking things out of places I want them to be, such as under the changing table, and I got sick of it, so I made myself a hanging diaper organizer, though I didn't include a pocket for diapers, since cloth are so heavy.

It was fairly easy to make...I drew out a sketch on graph paper of how I wanted it to look and estimated the sizes of pockets. Most of it was eye-balling. I finished the edges of the brown material, and cut out another piece the size of the hanger for the back. I sewed that to the top of my organizer, and found that it still sagged in front. I used snaps for the first time and I think I'm converted to using snaps! They were so easy!
I ironed the pockets with seams turned under, pinned and stitched them on. The wider pockets were sagging so I stitched vertically along the center which helped a lot and still left plenty of room for all the plastic covers I put in them.
Now, C can't get to all the pins, and plastic diaper covers! Yay for sanity!

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