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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Exercise For Free

There's so many options out there for exercising. The best ones I have found, especially for someone like me who prefers some variation from day to day are:
  • The local library...they will often have exercise DVDs to check out with a great variety in the style and focus
  • Zumba...check out local churches or recreation centers to see if free Zumba classes are being offered. I know of several churches and even the local library where I live that offer free classes on various days of the week. 
  • Go walking. Right now I walk 3-4 times a week to pick my son up from school and get a two mile walk in. I can tell how much stronger I have become just by walking and am grateful for this exercise which is what fits into my life right now.
  •  Look on sites such as Hulu or Netflix for free exercise programs.
  • Try a program such as onehundredpushups which provides plans for working up your endurance. I have been doing this with my husband and I have gone from 3 push ups to 10 in a few weeks. I don't it doesn't sound huge but I'm excited to see where this program takes me over the next few weeks.
What ever you do, find something you enjoy. Find a reason to exercise not only to improve your life but to improve the lives of your family because a happy mom results in a happier family.

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