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Monday, September 26, 2022

Inventive Ways To Bring More Variety Into Your Meals

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Getting creative with food at home is important to the whole family, especially the little ones. Growing up, exposing them to more food cuisines can help them become more well-rounded when eating out and exploring the world around them.

Whether it’s on your doorstep or you have to opt for a specialist store to get the ingredients, it’s only going to benefit the relationship that exists between a person and the food they eat. I’m guilty of relying heavily on the foods I’m comfortable with cooking and eating. My husband has a more adventurous palate.

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Make use of online resources for recipe ideas

The internet is a knowledge hub that many can take advantage of as long as they have a WIFI connection! With many bloggers and professional chefs throwing in their two cents when it comes to recipes, there are lots to choose from.

This seafood boil recipe, for example, is a great way of combining seafood with other typical household foods. There are plenty of recipe ideas for trying out new cuisines that haven’t been explored yet, whether it’s Indian for some and Lebanese for others.


Don’t be afraid to take to the internet or through recipe books to get inspiration on the types of food that are available in this world to use.

Head over to Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to find inspiration for food cuisines, especially as they connect to countries around the world. From Tiktok to YouTube, there are plenty of content creators exposing households to new food cuisines and food types that they may have never come across before.


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 In fact, 36% of Tiktok users have visited or ordered food from a restaurant, after seeing that establishment on the platform. There are also plenty of Tiktok creators on ‘Foodtok’, that are creating daily dishes for viewers to take advantage of!

 I have a Pinterest board for recipes that I go to frequently for inspiration.

Mix up the shopping list each week

Every week or so, the average household will go shopping for food. This can typically fall into a habit of picking out the same foods over and over again (guilty as charged). However, it’s a useful habit to switch up the shopping list each week with some new food items.

 Most cuisines can be made from food found in a local grocery store. Sure, there may be some foods that aren’t available but these can be sourced online if required.

Have a dedicated evening of the week for new foods

If possible, having one evening a week that’s dedicated to new foods is a great way to keep the diversity of food that’s eaten, as varied as possible. It can help bring together a household that may not spend as much time together as they’d like. Food is a great way of bringing people together anyway, so why not get creative with it?

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