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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

5 Simple Steps to Help Your Family Eat More Fruit

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Healthy eating should be at the heart of any family’s healthy eating strategy. While consuming more fruit isn’t the only key ingredient in the recipe for success, it deserves a lot of attention. 

It shouldn’t feel like a battle, though. Not least because it is easier to sustain the results when it comes naturally. Here are five ways to achieve great results.

1- Use Fruit For Sauces & James

While eating whole pieces of fruit is great, it’s not the only option. Learning how to make homemade apple butter, for example, helps add a little fruit to meals. It could be used as a jam for toast or as a sauce to accompany pork dishes. Meanwhile, making it from scratch allows you to avoid additives and make good use of any fruits that are starting to turn.

Pears and citrus fruits are commonly used for similar methods. Kids can be involved to add an extra layer of fun.

2- Create Fun Mealtimes

When mealtimes are a fun experience, your family’s relationship with food will improve. Better still, it can give you the best solution for adding fruit to a balanced diet. Party dishes, BBQ dishes, and movie night snacks are all great options. If it creates a fun experience that is a little different to the norm, that extra excitement can make a big difference.

It is also the perfect opportunity to try out some fruits that you don’t usually eat. If the kids don’t like them, at least there will be plenty of other small dishes for them to try.

3- Consider Smoothies

We got a fantastic blender a few years ago and make smoothies several times a week. Eating 5-7 raw portions of fruit might not always be easy. A homemade smoothie will give you a great starting point. You can easily incorporate this into your morning routine while it’s a perfect opportunity for kids to explore new tastes in a fun way. In truth, it doesn’t even feel like a conscious effort to eat more fruit. This makes it the perfect option for all the family.

It’s important to take care when considering store-bought options, though. They can be loaded with sugar and carbs, in addition to the natural sugars of the fruits.

4- Get Creative With Presentation

Handing a peach or a grapefruit to a child is hardly the most exciting snack. While fruit kebabs and similar items are great for parties, you also need to make fruit more fun for daily snacks. Young children can be entertained by faces made from grapes (eyes), a banana (smile), etc. Dips and side dishes included fruits as ingredients work well too.

Mango chutney or tzatziki are great to accompany curries. Meanwhile, tacos, fajitas, and even burgers can incorporate a little fruit to unlock an even greater flavour.

5- Be Organised

Perhaps the most important step towards getting more fruit into your diet is to be more organised. Building a grocery list, planning meals, and adding fruit to snack times are all positive steps. You can even use apps and other tech tools to remind you that it’s time to eat some fruit. It will take a few weeks to adopt winning habits, but the benefits are incredible.

If fruit flies have found your stash of fresh fruit, here’s how to get rid of them.

In addition to eating more fruit, it is a move that can actively encourage improvements in other parts of your life. 

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