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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How to Decorate Your Home if You Have Kids

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 Having kids can be a challenge when it comes to decorating your home. You need to consider their safety and whether they will destroy your new furniture or not. That's why parents tend to avoid putting up elaborate wallpaper and getting those modern art pieces that are so expensive. Kids are messy. They are also curious, uncoordinated, and prone to throwing things around in a fit of giggles (or anger). If you have kids (or plan on having them), you probably know how difficult it is to keep a home looking good. However, that doesn't mean your house has to be ugly. There are many simple tricks and ideas that will help you make your house look nice even with kids around. All you need is a little creativity, some inexpensive materials, and some time to get the job done. If you have kids, here are some tips on how you can decorate your home.


Move the Clutter

 Kids love to be nosy, and they also love to stuff their hands into every nook and cranny they can find. When your home is cluttered, it will be much easier for your child to knock things over and break them. Therefore, the first thing you should do is clear the clutter from your home. Clutter can be anything from toys on the floor to papers on your desk. Once you've removed all the clutter, you can make your home look a lot nicer. You don't have to do a full-scale spring cleaning either; you can always do a quick pick-up as you go through your day.

 Consider New Flooring and Rugs

 Kids are often very messy, and they also don't understand the importance of taking your shoes off when entering the house. Therefore, you should have rugs or mats on the floor to protect your flooring. Make sure that the rugs are high-quality so they can withstand the abuse and mess caused by your kids. You can get rugs in all different styles, colors, and sizes so you can match them with your existing décor. You can also get machine-washable rugs. That way, you can easily clean them when they get dirty. Alternatively, you can get rugs that are easy to clean with a broom or a vacuum.

 Freshen Up Existing Decor

 If you have an old couch or an old lamp in your home, you can freshen it up easily by taking off the cover and replacing it with something new. That way, your old furniture will look brand new. You can also change the color of your walls if they are too old-fashioned looking by painting them with a fresh coat of paint. You could also restore existing art pieces or decor that you have on display in your home. For example, if you have a plain urn on your mantel, you could look into some lovely wood urns. Not only would this change help you to better honor your deceased loved one, but it will also look a lot nicer on display in your home.

 Add Hooks and Shelves

 Kids love to put their hands on everything, and they also love to take things off the wall and try to play with them. Therefore, you should use hooks to hang up stuff you don't want your child to touch. You can use hooks to hang up towels in your bathroom, clothes in your closet, and even pots and pans in your kitchen. You can also use hooks to hang up some wall art or a beautiful piece of fabric that can cover an ugly wall. You can also use shelves to store things that you don't want your child to touch, such as candles and other dangerous objects. You can use shelves to store toys and books or even your kitchenware. Shelves are great because they take up very little space, and you can place them anywhere in your home.

 Brighten Up With Paint

 If your walls are too old-fashioned looking or they are a dull color, you can brighten them up with a fresh coat of paint. That way, your walls will look much nicer, and you can change the color of your walls to match any aesthetic. If you are planning on repainting your home, make sure that you note the exact color you bought. This way, if you need to touch up any spots on your walls from kids chipping the paint, you can easily do so with the exact color you used before. It also may be a good idea to buy more paint than you'll think you need so that you already have extra on hand if you need to do any touch-ups.

 Hang Up Wall Art

 Wall art is another great way to freshen up your home if it looks a bit too old-fashioned. You can get a beautiful painting or a framed picture that is suitable for your home. You can also get a piece of art with your child's name on it if you want to include your child in the décor. Alternatively, you can get a work of art that has a message that you want to share with your child. You can also use a whiteboard or a chalkboard to write something nice or draw a picture for your child. If you want to hang up your child's art, you can dedicate one wall to their art, or have a frame for each child that you hang their art in and can change regularly.

 Use Removable Wallpaper

 Wallpaper can be expensive, and it can be challenging to remove from your walls if you want to redecorate in the future. Therefore, you can use removable wallpaper to make your walls look nicer. You can find all sorts of themes for removable wallpaper like sports, animals, cute designs, etc. You can also find wallpaper that is suitable for kids so you can make your walls look nicer without breaking the bank. Removable wallpaper is great if you want to change the theme of your room or if you are moving to a new home. 


 Having kids in your home will make it a little bit trickier to decorate. You have to consider their safety, mess, and things like that. However, all you need is a little creativity, some inexpensive materials, and some time to get the job done. Even though having kids in your home will make it a little bit trickier to decorate, it doesn't have to be impossible. Kids are messy creatures by nature, but that doesn't mean you have to allow your home to always be a disaster! 

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