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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Easy Tips for Making Healthier Party Dishes

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Summer is approaching fast! And that means the air will waft with delicious aroma from cookouts, barbecues, and various outdoor summer parties. But summer parties are no excuse not to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although you want your guests to savor delicious meals at your party, you also don't want them to leave feeling like they need to hit the treadmill the next morning. Are you thinking about hosting parties this summer? Here are a few easy ways to make them a little healthier. 

Get rid of the pre-made dips

Pre-made dips are regular additions to most summer parties. Unfortunately, most of them contain loads of processed vegetable oils, unhealthy fats, artificial additives, salt, and too much mayonnaise. Not only are these ingredients unhealthy, but they also don't do much to improve the taste. Most of the ingredients used in pre-made dips are only supposed to improve shelf-life, so keep this in mind. If you're used to pre-made dips, it's time to cross them off your party shopping list this summer. Instead, prepare healthy options at home with ingredients you have control over. You should find several healthy dips ideas online like this delicious, quick, and easy corn dip recipe. 

Cut out the sugar

Almost all summer drinks contain high sugar levels. And most already-made drinks like processed juice, soda, etc., are packed with sugar. And you probably already know what sugar does to the body, including high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, and diabetes. Fortunately, you can cut down on sugar-rich drinks or replace them with alternatives like fresh coconut water, freshly squeezed citrus fruits, smoothies, iced tea, flavored sparkling water, etc. 

Don't skimp on the fruits and veggies

Try adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to your dishes. You can make simple salads out of them to munch on before or after the main meals, so keep this in mind. But fruits and vegetables have a way of losing their appeal when left too long in the sun, so keep them refrigerated until ready to eat. Alternatively, you can choose to grill them instead and serve them as sides to your other grilled recipes. Grilling your fruits and vegetables adds a touch of flavor, and don't be surprised if they become a crowd-pleaser. 

Try a meat-free recipe

Of course, you can enjoy your favorite grilled meat recipes if you're expecting meat-lovers to show up to your summer party. But, do your best to serve the meat (especially red meat) in moderation or, better still, try your hands on some meat-free recipes. Hotdogs, burgers, barbecues, etc., are great summer party meals, but they're not necessarily the only traditional options available. For example, you can use seafood instead, with options like crabs, shrimp, tilapia, and other delicious fish recipes. But if your guests will grunt, then offer your meat recipes as a second option. 


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