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Monday, May 17, 2021

Lawn Memory

 Here's a fun game to take outside with your kids...Lawn Memory!

Lawn Memory

Use paper plates and write letter, numbers or draw pictures on each one. Then make a copy of each plate so there are two of each picture, letter or number. We did the alphabet.

Mix them up and spread them out on the lawn upside down. 

Have your kids take turns flipping over two plates. If they find a match, they keep those plates. If they don't, have them turn the plates back over.

Lawn Memory

Just so you know, this works a lot better if it's not windy ;).

When all the plates are collected, whoever has the most matches wins. 

Other ways to play:

  1. You can have the matches be capital and lower case letters. 
  2. For younger kids you can leave the plates right side up and have them find matches. 
  3. Make it a race. Have the plates right side up and have kids see how fast they can find matches or who can find the most the fastest.

Have fun!

Thank you to the Busy Toddler's Summer Camp at Home download for the inspiration!

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