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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Crochet Amigurumi Gnome Ornament (free pattern)

I'm just entering the world of designing my own crochet creations after relying solely on patterns for a while. Last Christmas I made these gnome ornaments for my family and love how they turned out!
Here's the pattern written in American crochet terms. This is a great pattern for leftover skeins of yarn and doesn't require specific weights or hook sizes...I just use my favorite H hook and it worked well for my gnomes in various yarn weights.

You will need a neutral colored yarn (grey, brown, green), a colorful yarn for the hat, tan yarn, white yarn, poly-fil, a yarn needle, and crochet hook.

(This pattern is worked in rounds, and the total stitches at the end of each row will be in parenthesis)
Terms: SC=Single Crochet, inc=increase, dec=decrease

For the body (in a neutral color like grey, brown, green):
Row 1: SC 6 into a magic circle(6)
Row 2: (SC inc)x6 (12)
Row 3: (SC 2 inc)x6 (18)
Row 4: (SC 3 inc)x6 (24)
Rows 5-7: SC 24
Row 8: (SC 2 Dec)x6 (18)
Row 9: (SC Dec)x6 (12) Stuff the body
Row 10: (Dec)x6 (6) Sew the opening closed. Tie off. Weave in the end.

For the hat (in a fun, colorful yarn):
Row 1: SC 4 into a magic circle(4)
Row 2: SC 4 (4)
Row 3: Inc SC 4 (5)
Row 4: SC 5 (5)
Row 5: Inc SC 5 (6)
Row 6: SC 6 (6)
Row 7: Inc SC 6 (7)
Row 8: Inc SC 7 (8)
Row 9: (Inc SC 3)x2 (10)
Row 10: SC 10 (10)
Row 11: (Inc SC 4)x2 (12)
Row 12: SC 12 (12)
Row 13: (Inc SC 3)x3 (15)
Row 14: SC 15 (15)
Row 15: (Inc SC 5)x3 (18)
Row 16: SC 18 Finish off. Leave a long tail.

For the nose (tan yarn):
Row 1: SC 4 into a magic circle(4)
Row 2: (Inc SC)x2 (6)
Row 3: (Dec SC)x2 (4) Tie off. Leave a tail for sewing.

To assemble:
  • Pin the hat to the body and use the tail from the hat to sew it to the body.
  • Sew the nose to the body so it is right against the hat.
  • Cut 11-12 strands of white yarn about 3 inches long. Loop them through the stitches on the body around the nose and tie them on. They should make a "U" shape around the nose.
  • You can either pull the strands of white yarn apart or use a brush (I used my daughter's Barbie brush) to brush out the yarn to make it look like a fuzzy beard.  
  • Thread a 6 inch piece of yarn through the top of the hat and tie to make it an ornament.
OPTIONAL arms and legs:
Arms (make 2):
Row 1: SC 6 into a magic circle (6)
Row 2: SC 6 (6)
Rows 3-5: SC 6 (6). Finish off and leave a tail for sewing

Legs (make 2):
Row 1: SC 6 into a magic circle (6)
Row 2: Inc x 6 (12)
Rows 3-4: SC 12 (12). Finish off and leave a tail for sewing

Sew the arms and legs to the body and weave in ends.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this pattern in the comments!

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