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Monday, January 6, 2020

Tooth Fairy Bag

One of my biggest regrets with the tooth fairy is having my kids put their teeth under their pillow! It is so stressful for the poor tooth fairy to dig around under their sleeping heads to find those tiny little teeth. My 5 year old lost her first tooth last year and she was very concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find the tooth, so we improvised and made a tooth fairy bag to hang on her door.

Tooth Fairy Bag

I didn't take any other pictures because this was a last minute craft to appease my sweet girl, but it was so worth making it! The tooth fairy's life just became so much easier because she just has to find the bag hanging on the bedroom door, retrieve the tooth, and leave the money in the bag!

To make the bag, I just free-handed a tooth shape on some white felt (make 2).

I sewed along the edge of the tooth bag, leaving the top of the tooth open to put the tooth/money in.

I used some red ribbon and sewed that to the top of the bag for easy hanging, and we were done!

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