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Monday, September 9, 2019

Parent/Child hand print sun craft

I've learned that crafting with little ones is much more fun if I get to craft to...so when I saw an idea to make a sun out of my child's hand prints, I decided to add my hand prints too :).
Parent/Child Hand Print Sun Craft

I traced and cut out 6 of my hand prints in yellow construction paper and 6 of my two year old's hand prints in orange. I trace her hand once, cut it out and use it as a template for the rest so she doesn't get tired of having her hand traced over and over.
Parent/Child Hand Print Sun Craft

I cut out a yellow circle.

I put glue on the back of the circle where I wanted my daughter's hand prints to go and had my daughter place them. I then put glue where I wanted my hand prints to go, and she put them on.
Parent/Child Hand Print Sun CraftParent/Child Hand Print Sun Craft

We flipped the sun back over and added some sunglasses and a smile with a marker. I also outlined the circle to give it more contrast from the sun's rays. Now we have a fun visual reminder of how littler her hands were at age 2 compared to mine :).
Parent/Child Hand Print Sun Craft
Thanks Family Focus Blog for the inspiration!

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