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Monday, April 15, 2019

Hand Print Fish Craft

If you want a simple craft that's perfect for a variety of ages, have your kids make their own fish using their hand prints! My 4 year old made several, and when my 9 year old saw what we were working on, he had to make his own...I had to make a couple of my own fish too, of course :).
Hand Print Fish Craft

You can keep this craft simple with markers, scissors and construction paper...or you can dig through your stash of craft supplies and pull out stickers, googly eyes, puff paint, pom poms, etc.

Start by tracing your child's hand...I did it once with my 4 year old and then cut it out to use as a template for the other fish.
Hand Print Fish Craft
Since my daughter is too inexperienced with scissors to be able to cut out her hand print, I gave her a piece of paper with lines, and zig zags to cut along for cutting practice...oh the joys of learning to cut left-handed! 
Hand Print Fish Craft

Hand your kid a marker, glue or paint and let them get to work!
Hand Print Fish Craft
We glued on googly eyes. I cut out little mouths, but my daughter chose to just draw mouths on her fish. She also loved using up some of my random sticker stash ;).
Hand Print Fish Craft

You can attach your fish to Popsicle sticks like Blitsy did...thank you for the inspiration! Check out some of our other hand print crafts. I linked up to the Wonderful Wednesday blog hop.

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