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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Skee Ball at Home

One of my husband's co-workers gave him an inflatable pool full of ball pit balls. This ball pit has been lots of fun for my kids...especially my 2 year old! But, I have found some other uses for these balls lately...Skee Ball being one of them!

Skee Ball at Home
All you need are some balls, laundry baskets, paper and tape.

I took a diaper box and cut off the top flaps and one end. Then I taped the flaps to the box to make a ramp.

I used the paper to write the point values on and taped them to the laundry baskets...boxes would work too!
Skee Ball at Home
My boys had fun rolling the balls and counting up their points.
Skee Ball at Home
What have you used balls like this for?
Thank you Frugal fun for Boys for the fun idea!

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