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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Color Transfer Experiment

My 8 year old came home from school one day and asked if we could do an experiment. He set this color transfer experiment up all by himself, and both of my boys loved watching the colors move along!
Color Transfer Experiment

Just put some water into 4 cups and add different colors of food coloring into each cup. We kept one cup of clear water in the middle too.
Color Transfer Experiment

Put the cups onto a tray or cookie sheet with a rim, and put folded up paper towels in each cup (each cup had 3-4 paper towels, as seen in the image below), then put the other end of the paper towel into another cup.
Color Transfer Experiment

Watch as the water wicks through the paper towel into the other cups. We put some of the cups higher than others to see how gravity would affect the experiment.
Color Transfer Experiment

In the end, the clear water turned green, and it was fun to see how colorful the paper towels became!
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