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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Unseen Heroes

My son went to the fire station recently with his cub scout pack and got to climb all over the fire trucks and talk to some of our real-life heroes: the firemen. He came home so excited and I love seeing the excitement on his face in the pictures we have of that night.

Today, I was driving past the fire station and watched as a fire truck drove away with lights flashing. Those men and women truly are heroes! But, as I looked at the fire station, I also noticed a truck belonging to a garage-door repair company parked out front. Inside the fire station were two men, working on one of the bay doors. In that moment, those men were my heroes. Without them, our firemen can't pull the firetruck into the station and have to load/unload, clean, and care for the truck in the freezing outdoors.

I imagine that precious seconds are wasted when a fire station isn't running at its optimal capacity. Today, those two repair men were making our city safer and taking care of the everyday heroes that get recognized. I know it's their job to fix garage doors, but the fact that they know their job and work hard to accomplish it has blessed our lives today.

Thank you! And thank you for reminding me that I can bless the lives of those around me by simply using the talents and skills I have.

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