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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bright Starts Play Date

Disclosure: I was provided with Bright Starts toys through Mom Select in order to host a play date. All opinions expressed are my own.

Recently, we had a huge box delivered to our front door, and my little girl was so excited when we opened it up to find some toys from Bright Starts. She literally couldn't wait to try them out!
Bright Starts Play Date

The toys we received were: Spin & Giggle Puppy, Learn & Giggle Fish, Learn & Giggle Activity Station, Giggables monkey and Bunch of Balls. Since they arrived, my daughter's favorite by far has been the Learn & Giggle Fish! She has carried that fish around all the time. It plays different tunes, and the buttons can add various sounds to the music in rhythm.

The activity station has lots of button to press, and the kitten makes the fish bowl light up.

Earlier today it was finally time for our play date! Unfortunately, only one guest showed up because everyone else was sick. My friend brought her 1 year old daughter, so our girls got to "play" together (as much as two 1 year olds play) while we chatted and it was a nice, calm play date :). We had pumpkin muffins as a treat which both girls loved.

Most of the toys were electronic so the play date was a little loud if more than one toy was playing, and our girls tended to go back to the bunch of balls...dumping them out of the box and picking them back up again! You can't beat a classic like that :).

Both girls did enjoy the Spin & Giggle Puppy, and loved putting the balls back in and experimenting with other toys...
Bright Starts Play Date Spin & Giggle Puppy
Honestly, I don't keep a lot of electronic toys because they are loud and my kids don't play with them for very long. Most of the toys have volume switches thankfully and my daughter doesn't know how to turn them on yet so we don't have all of them on at once. My friend said her daughter seemed to be a bit over-stimulated after playing with some of the toys. All in all, it was fun to have my friend and her daughter over, and my daughter is enjoying the Bright Starts toys. I think my favorite is the Fish too.

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