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Monday, October 26, 2015

Take Care of Your Loved Ones with Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health sent me this product to try, and donated to a charity of my choice.

A few years ago, my oldest (K) had a tonsillectomy. I hired a sitter to sit with my younger son at home, so I could wait at the hospital without worrying or chasing him. It was a routine procedure and everything went well. When I was able to see K, he was groggy and grumpy, and would not let me leave his side. I had to sit in the wheelchair and hold him on my lap so the nurse could wheel us to the exit because he would not let me go! He was miserable from the pain and discomfort. 

When I got home, I took him inside, but then I had to leave him with the sitter so I could run and grab his prescriptions. I went to three different pharmacies trying to get them all filled, and even then had to wait several hours before one was ready. I just wanted to be home cuddling my poor boy.

After surgery, recovering from an illness or giving birth, it can be chaotic trying to make sure you have everything once it's time to go home. It's confusing and stressful to stand in the aisle at the drugstore trying to find the right products your doctor said you need. Cardinal Health™ Hospital Quality at Home™ has products to meet the needs of those transitioning from hospital to home. With 46.1 million inpatient and outpatients surgical procedures being performed annually, and nearly 40 million Americans providing unpaid care to an adult, the need for quality products designed for use at home to aid in recovery and care is great!

I received the Perineal pack so I could see what their products are like. It is a cold pack that you bend in half to activate. It was easy to use and could be wonderful to have on hand for moms that just gave birth (plus it's disposable so you don't have to worry about washing it!). I have not given birth recently, so I can't attest to how well it works in the perineal area, but all I had to do to activate the cold pack was bend it in the middle and shake it. Then I took it out of the plastic sleeve. I put it on the back of my neck and while it felt nice and cool, it wasn't too cold or uncomfortable. For use after birth, I think this cold pack would be much more comfortable than the latex glove full of ice that I was given after childbirth. I think these would be great to have on hand for all moms who have just gotten home from the hospital.

 For more product information and indications for use, visit www.cardinalhealth.com/products. You can also find them on Twitter and Linkedin!

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