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Friday, September 12, 2014

Butterfly Mobile

When I was expecting my boys, we were in school and had a very small income. I spent as little as possible and we relied mostly on gifts or hand-me-downs from family and friends. Suffice it to say, decor was basically non-existent for my boys.

This time, however, I have loved decorating a nursery for our baby girl! The room she is in was already painted a sage green and I knew I wanted lilac/purple butterflies as the accent. My husband declared that purple wasn't girly enough and pink needed to be involved, so we ended up with purple and pink, and I love how her little corner of our home has turned out.

After searching for a mobile that fit the style of the nursery and not finding one, I decided to make a mobile for our daughter and here it is:
DIY Butterfly Mobile
I used the butterfly felt soft toy pattern at Sew Sweet to make the butterflies. The only things I did different than she did, was to stuff the wings so they wouldn't flop down while hanging, and I sewed circles/hearts onto the wings. This was a great project for me while pregnant because it kept my hand busy while I was sitting/resting (which I had to do a lot!).

I sewed some purple ribbon to the backs of the butterflies and glued them to the inside hoop of an embroidery hoop I bought at Walmart. I glued more ribbon to the hoop and hung it from a hook.

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