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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Teach your Kids with CWIST

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. #MC

As parents we have a lot of responsibility riding on our shoulders from the day we find out we’re going to be parents until the day we die. It’s our job to teach our children to be good; to teach them to be respectful, kind and responsible. I think that is our greatest challenge; to help our children become the best people they can.

If you are looking for ways as a parent to teach your children to be responsible, to do their chores, etc, check out CWIST. CWIST is a website which is made for sharing ideas between kids and their teachers/parents. It is a place where kids can earn something they have been wanting by completing CWISTs which are challenges or tasks. The child and their parents can choose from the pre-made CWISTs or they can make up their own tasks which they can mark as complete on the website and keep track of the progress they’ve made towards their goals, whether it’s staying up late one night or earning a toy they’ve always wanted.

Right now, CWIST is doing a CWIST for Kids Initiative where your children can complete CWIST challenges to earn toys for other children in need. When I told my 6 year old about this, his face lit up as he exclaimed “You mean I get to be like Santa?!” If you would like to get your kids to feel the spirit of giving, have them sign up for some CWISTs. For us, it was as easy as searching for a wish that was listed on the website. When we found one my son wanted to fulfill, it linked us to some stores that can ship those gifts and we picked one. The child my son chose to help was a little boy who wanted a game. Then we selected several CWISTs for my son to do…some were as easy as building something creative with LEGO’s and some were more challenging like identifying all of the trees in our neighborhood.

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