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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silly Pumpkin Game

It’s finally October! Halloween decorations are out and my boys are anxiously awaiting Halloween. I love this time of year…fall, holidays, etc.

Last week we kept ourselves entertained one afternoon with a silly pumpkin game and here was the result:Silly Pumpkin Game @ whatilivefor.net

To play, cut out as many pumpkins as there are players. Cut out enough mouths. Then, cut out eyes, noses, stems, and leaves. But, cut out LOTS of them! Silly Pumpkin Game @ whatilivefor.net
Make out a rule sheet like the one below:Silly Pumpkin Game Rules
Have everyone take turns rolling a die. You have to roll 1 first to get the pumpkin. Then, every time you roll a number, you get the corresponding part. Glue the parts on as you go along. Keep playing until someone has all the parts to their pumpkin.

For extra silliness, each time you roll an additional eye, nose, stem or ear, glue an extra one on! This makes for super silly/spooky pumpkins.

This is a great game for ages 4 and up. Kids don’t have to be able to read to play, but this is great practice in counting, as well as coordination using glue.


Thanks to the game Cootie and Chicken Babies for their inspiration!

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  1. Love this idea of handmade games!! you are so creative!!!

  2. What a fun idea. We're featuring your post on Share It Saturday this week over at Sugar Aunts. Thanks for linking up!