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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Li'l Critters Review

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I've been blessed. My boys are really good about eating the food I put in front of them. It may take forever, but they do eat their food and I know that they are getting nutrients they need. But, I still feel like their nutritional needs are often not being met. I try to have fruit and vegetables frequently, but I know I could do more. While I'm striving to find that balance, I want to know my boys are being taken care of nutritionally.

We take vitamins each night at the dinner table. My boys know that when they set the table, it also means getting out the vitamins. We have been giving them L’il Critter Gummy Vitamins for years because they are tasty, fun, and provide the nutrients needed for growing kids. My husband was bummed when our family doctor told him that he needed to take a more grown up vitamin to meet his individual needs instead of the L’il Critter gummies, but my boys still get to enjoy them. We use the vitamins as a sort of "dessert" meaning they have to eat everything else we ask them to before they get to eat their vitamins. Recently, my 6 year old decided to take his L’il Critter bears apart and "mix & match" them, having one half of one gummy on top of a different colored bottom. It was a fun, quirky way to enjoy his vitamins.

These little Gummy Vites have vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Until I see a need otherwise, my boys will continue to have L’il Critter Gummy Vites because they love them, I love that they love them, and it works for us. You can also get L’il Critter varieties such as Omega-3 DHA, Calcium, Vitamin D, etc to meet more specific needs your family members might have. (Find them on Facebook too!)

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  1. Cool idea to give them at dinner time. I'm not sure which brand we're using now. My daughter takes long to eat her dinner too.