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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spirits Lifted

Recently, my cousin and his friends complained on Facebook about being stuck behind women who coupon at the grocery store check-out. I had heard criticism before about couponers and how long they take, etc., but it had never been by someone I know. I instantly became more self-conscious each time I went shopping.

Recently, a shopping trip was not going right for me. Between my cart full of food, price-matching, coupons, and repeatedly picking up the toy my son kept dropping, the process was taking FOREVER to check out. I became more & more aware of the line of people waiting behind me. My ears started to burn with embarrassment and I kept hoping the cashier could make the process go faster.

Right as I started to pay, my son dropped his toy again and I tell him it will have to wait just a minute so I can finish. The lady behind me in line walked up and picked up my son’s toy for him. As she passed me to go back to her spot she leaned over to me and said “Your husband must be very proud…you are a smart shopper.” With those simple words, my day was instantly changed. Instead of complaining about the inconvenience I was, she gave me the courage to press on.

Thank you, kind woman in the grocery store, who had the patience and frame of mind to help encourage a young mother who’s just trying to make the most of what I have while being as little of a burden on others as possible.

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  1. Isn't it great when you met someone who gets it? ;) So happy that this lady had something positive to say to you! Good for you, I think it is great! :) Heather