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Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Yarn from Grocery Sacks

When I was a teenager, one of the service projects we did at our church was making yarn out of plastic grocery sacks. The yarn would be collected and shipped to Africa where the women could crochet and/or knit the yarn into products they could sell. Grocery Sack Yarn @ whatilivefor.net

I’m learning how to crochet right now so I thought some grocery sack yarn would be a great way to learn without going through tons of normal yarn. This Is how I make my grocery sack yarn:

  1. Lay your grocery bag flat…Grocery Sack Yarn-Lay your bag flat
  2. Cut the bottom off of your grocery sack and straighten out the pleats that are at the bottom of the sack…Grocery Sack Yarn-cut the bottom off the bag
  3. Cut across the top of the sack (so you cut off the handles and have a nice, straight edge)…Grocery Sack Yarn-cut the top off the bag
  4. You will now have a loop with two sides being on the fold, and two sides open. Take one folded side and fold it up to the other side, but leave an inch overlap (see the picture)…Grocery Sack Yarn-fold the bag
  5. Fold the bottom up again, and again (without folding over that inch overlap)…Grocery Sack Yarn-fold the bagGrocery Sack Yarn-fold the bag
  6. Cut one inch strips, only to the top of the folded edge…Grocery Sack Yarn-cut 1 inch slits
  7. Open your bag and put your arm along the part of the bag that hasn’t been cut yet…Grocery Sack Yarn-open the bagGrocery Sack Yarn-put the bag on your arm
  8. Cut diagonally from one slit to the other (follow the diagram below-cut where the red lines are)…

    Cutting Grocery Sack yarn diagramGrocery Sack Yarn-cut diagonal slits from one strip to the next
  9. You will now have one long strand of yarn. Tie the ends to other strands and wrap it up into a nice ball.Grocery Sack YarnGrocery Sack Yarn @ whatilivefor.net

Alternatively, I did find this method for making plastic bag yarn here.

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