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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stick Horses

I have to give credit to my husband’s awesome cousins who came up with this fun craft at the family reunion we went to in July, but I loved the simplicity and ease of this craft. There were dozens of kids making their own stick horses and there was a rodeo after!P1030999

Have your kids find a stick large enough to “ride” on. Have them draw a face on a paper bag. The bottom flap will be the nose and the eyes will be on one of the sides of the bag.

Stuff the bag with newspaper and then tie it onto your stick. Tape or glue yarn on for the mane and attach some twine for the reins and your kids have fun stick horses!


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  1. How simple is that? Sometimes I try to dream up the most complicated things but it really is the simple things Little Bit likes the most.

  2. I have to make one of these for my daughter! Thanks for posting!

    :) Heather

  3. This is such a cute and simple idea! Found you on True Aim Mom's Library.

  4. Quick and easy horse for restless young kids! I'll have to remember this! Thanks for sharing!

    Found you on Kids Get Crafty

  5. Awe so cute!! Love the simplicity of using a paper bag.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. Haha! That is awesome. What a great craft for a cowboy party! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!