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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pant and Short

Yesterday my 5 year old was folding and putting away his clothes. When I told him to put his pants away, he looked at the lone pair of pants and said to me "You mean my pant, right mom?!"

I then had the wonderful opportunity to explain to my son how bizarre the English language is and teach him about the singularity and plurality of pants and shorts. It's amazing any of us learn the English language sometimes, but I couldn't help but smile when even my 5 year old was able to realize just how bizarre we speak sometimes.

Teaching moments where my son and I get to talk to each other one-on-one are some of my favorite moments and are definitely What I Live For.


  1. Oh teachable moments! They are the best :D Little Bit and I were playing with the Ipad today and he was naming off all the animals in the music video. I was telling him the noises they make. Love moments like that!

  2. yep...another way chores help with everything in life!