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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Miscarriage and Loss

First, I want to start my story off by saying that the main reason I am sharing my experience is my hope that my story can in some way help another woman who is or will be going through miscarriage in the future. I have learned since my miscarriage in April that there is sort of a secret club that only those who have suffered a miscarriage can join, and one that no one would ever choose to join. BUT, once you are in that club, whether you know others who have miscarried or not, there is a connection there. When I shared my pain with others around me, many of them opened up and shared with me the same grief they had experienced during their own miscarriages.

For me, in the midst of my most intense grief, I had a moment where my eyes opened wide and I realized that I now understood. I understood the look in a mother’s eyes when they tell me of their miscarriages. I understand the pain, sadness and fear that so many experience after miscarriage. Miscarriage is truly something you cannot understand until you have gone through it, and I hope that the pain I have gone through will help me somehow ease the pain of another mother somewhere down the road of life when I see her tears and can truly tell her “I understand! I know!”

To be continued…