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Friday, January 13, 2012

Paper Plate Snowmen

We have yet to have anything even remotely resembling snow around here this winter, so we have to take snowmen in whatever form we can get them…

The other day, in searching for a quick, relatively clean craft I came up with paper plate snowmen. Both of my boys loved it and this is an activity that can be modified for any age from painting, to gluing, etc! I just used my trusty sticky tack to hold the plates to the doors and let my boys color away :)


I’ll be linking up to What Are Little Boys Made Of?, Preschool Corner Friday, and Works for Me Wednesday, Kids Get Crafty.


  1. aw what a great idea! we can make real snowmen today too. We got snow. Yay or Nay. lol

  2. Hi! visiting from Preschool Corner! Very cute idea! I love just putting them on the door and going for it! So fun!

  3. Little Bit and I will have to try this next week. I just need to buy some paper plates. They seem to be a necessity in kids crafting!