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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinecone Turkeys

I love crafts that you can make with things either already in your home or found in nature…pinecone turkeys are one such craft. For the past few weeks my boys and I have been collecting pinecones, leaves and acorns on our walks and we finally had what we needed to assemble a couple of turkeys!P1020586

This works best if you have smaller pinecones that have one side that is a little flatter so they can sit. Use hot glue to glue the acorn onto the front and dried, pressed leaves in between some of the pinecone sections, and draw some eyes on the acorns. Now you have some super cute little turkeys…perfect for decorating your Thanksgiving table!

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  1. I really love the nature crafts you come up with. Little Bit is always so busy when we go outside that he never stops to pick things up or investigate them. I figure by spring he will start to take notice of things besides running ;D

  2. Those are so cute! We need to make a set of these for our table.

  3. oh my word these are GREAT! Could you please share these with my readers too? This would be a GREAT project to do with the kids!


  4. This is so cute, and looks very easy to do. Nice.