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Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper Towel Tube Binoculars

DSCN5430Summer is in full swing with heat and humidity and I’m looking for more indoor activities to keep my boys entertained! Last week I found a random paper towel tube that I had stuffed into a random cupboard to save for some random craft and we set off to make binoculars :).

All we did was cut the tube in half, and K cut little pieces of paper to glue to his binoculars. I used a rubber band to hold the two halves together which has worked fine for us, but you could glue them together too.

Never mind the fact I go really cross eyed when I use these but he loves them and keeps taking them to look at things outside. Not bad for things heading to the dump recycle bin.

I’m linking up to What Are Little Boys Made Of?, Kids Get Crafty, and Preschool Corner Friday.


  1. Haha so cute. I have a cabinet filled with toilet tissue rolls. Perfect for the recycle bin!

  2. So simple and such a fun thing to do :D

  3. I love this! Great ideas for little explorers!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I have to make this for my son!

  5. what a simple but fun thing to do!
    new follower, stopping by from tiggerific tuesday, would love a visit!

  6. Good idea to use paper towel tubes instead of TP...sturdier!

  7. @Annette and they are a bit more hygienic in my eyes...I personally don't like having my kids play with anything that has been sitting in the bathroom so this was a great compromise :)

  8. Great idea, I loved simple craft ideas like that too when my kids were little.

  9. I am a great TP roll craft fan!!!! And of course Binoculars are simply brilliatnt! Love them. Hours of fun!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!! Always a pleasure to have you stop by!


  10. Holy smokes... my son is in a binocular phase!! We do this too ;o)

    I am your newest fan and have 3 boys of my own. Smile... cause it stays interesting!!


  11. Looks like he is on an adventure!! :0)

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