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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perfectly Shaped Eggs

My husband is a genius…I mean the guy was potty trained at 9 months so how could he not be :) (we just acquired his baby book!). With that genius, he comes up with the most random hacks to make his life better, and cooking eggs to the same size as his English biscuits is no exception!DSCN5315

How did he do it? After looking around the kitchen, he found his solution in the lid to a canning jar. DSCN5314

Some tips we’ve learned after doing this a few times:

  • Beat the egg first with any spices you want.
  • Spray the canning lid.
  • Preheat the pan on the stove (medium-low heat) and when the egg is ready, put the lid with the wide side down and hold firmly while you pour the egg in. Don’t burn yourself though! Once the egg has set a bit on the bottom you can let go.
  • Some egg may still seep out the bottom, but you can just cut that off.
  • Once the egg is mostly cooked, take a small spoon around the edge to loosen the egg and gently remove the canning lid. Flip the egg over to cook the top and voila! Your egg is the perfect size/shape :)

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  1. I actually microwave my eggs in a bowl for breakfast sandwiches. They are the perfect size and super simple. I spread a little butter in the bottom for both flavor and making it easier to slide the eggs out. Make sure to puncture the whites and the yellow to avoid explosions. I microwave for about 25 - 30s. If they still look a little underdone, then add 5s at a time until they are to your desired doneness.