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Monday, April 11, 2011

Autism Awareness Month

My older brother is autistic and having spent my entire childhood explaining to countless people what "Autism" was, it is so refreshing now that people are trying to learn about it and understand it. I can only hope and pray that the efforts of so many to increase autism awareness will better the lives of children with autism and the families that sacrifice so much of their lives in caring for loved ones with autism.

This week, 66 blogs are participating in a giveaway blog hop related specifically to autism and raising awareness. Prizes range from amazon giftcards to books about those dealing with autism some way in their lives. Please go enter some of these giveaways if for no other reason than to read the stories and gain a greater understanding of autism.

For additional resources, please visit the Autism Society website.


  1. Thanks for doing this Judy- about autism I mean. It can be so very hard as you well know but people with autism really do give us so much and help us be better.

  2. AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting this! :) Heather

  3. Thank you for supporting Autism Awareness. I kept see your name on the differents blogs and had to write.

    My youngest brother has severe autism. I too spent so much time explaining autism. I was so happy to see the movie Rainman come out. No longer, people would correct me, saying 'You mean he is artistic!" Now he is 55 years old and living in a group home. He lived with my mother until she died and so many people asked me why didn't I take him home with me. They didn't understand autism. I would have had to quit my job for one thing, autism affects the caregiver in so many ways. Today, he has learned more skills of how to take care of himself, of course he cannot cross a street by himself but he can
    communicate more than he ever did. The last time I saw him (we live in a different state), we were at a fast food place and he said "Ketchup, please". I cried, I was so happy!


  4. Very interesting! I have some friends who will want to participate for sure! Thanks for posting!

    Thanks for hopping...or bouncing at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse's Tiggerific Tuesday! I am following you too :)