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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pant Leg Bag Holder

Do you ever make something out of pure laziness? I got tired of running downstairs for plastic bags to line our upstairs garbage cans and this is what I ended up with:DSCN5006

This is probably one of the most frugal bag holders you will ever see :). All you need is a pant leg (perfect if you have some jeans with holey knees…just cut off below the hole). This even saves you from sewing side seams.

To make your own, you will need one ribbon about 24 inches long and one piece of 1/4 inch elastic, about 10 inches long. A sewing machine is also very helpful, and that pant leg I mentioned.

  1. Once you have cut your pant leg off your pants (preferably while you’re not wearing them!), neaten up the edges.DSCN4986
  2. On one end, sew a button hole about 1 1/2 inches from the edge as seen below. This is where the ribbon will thread through so you can hang your holder up.DSCN4997
  3. Turn your pant leg inside out and fold the end down 1/4 inch and again (about another inch) so it lies below the button hole. Sew around the entire leg.
  4. Using a safety pin, thread the ribbon through and make sure both ends are outside the button hole.DSCN4999
  5. On the other end, fold the raw edge in 1/4 inch and again 1/2 inch. Sew around the pant leg to create an encasement for your elastic. Make sure to leave an opening about 1 inch wide to thread the elastic through.
  6. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the casing. Pull it all the way through and cinch the elastic until the opening in the holder is a good size for your hand to fit through but still hold bags in. Trim the elastic to the desired length and sew the ends together.DSCN5001
  7. Sew the opening to the elastic casing closed.DSCN5003
  8. Turn your bag right side out, fill your holder with bags and hang up. DSCN5006 Now I have bags upstairs and can grab them in a jiffy to line garbage cans! :)

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  1. GREAT idea!!!! WE are one of those disorganized housholds that has plastic bags just overflowing out of the cuboard. I needed to see this today> Thank you for linking up to the handmade hog. I hope to see you next week too:)


  2. so I have been looking at different bags like these but never saw a tutorial that fit my lack of sewing....thanks I am so excited and will probably be making one today.
    your friend Jana

  3. :) Thats a great idea! Following you also

  4. That's a really cool idea, love it!

  5. Great idea! I have several sets of my hubby's jeans that could be turned into these.

    Stopping by from the Sunday blog hop.

  6. That's a cute idea! I'm stopping by from the blog hops. I'm a new follower. Happy Sunday!

  7. This is such a great idea!! Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's!