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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mod Podge Stickers

If you’re anything like me, it drives you bonkers when your kids half peel the stickers off toys! K’s poor trike looks horrendous because what’s left of the stickers are filthy and peeling.

Last weekend we went to the Lowe’s Build & Grow clinic and built a race car. K has adored this car and was actually upset when the stickers started coming off. Stickers and wood just don’t make the best match.

My solution? Mod Podge the stickers on! It works perfectly to keep them on and prevent kids from peeling them off :). Happy K, happy Mommy.DSCN4984

It’s hard to see but the front fender in this picture is drying with Mod Podge.

What have you Mod Podged lately?

Mod Podging stickers works for me!