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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fruit Loops Rainbow

If you’re looking for a fun, St Patrick’s related craft to do with young kids, you have to make a Fruit Loops Rainbow! This is easily adaptable to various ages from kids doing everything themselves to you spreading glue and your kids putting the cereal on.DSCN5041

K knew the order of the colors (backwards) and put all the cereal on himself. C ate all the cereal he could get his hands on…


See our cute little Leprechaun stealing all the Fruit Loops gold? :) Poor K had left his rainbow to dry and suddenly half of it had been devoured. Let me tell you how fast I had to move to reapply bits of rainbow here and there to calm my poor boy’s aching heart! Good thing Elmer’s Glue is nontoxic, right?

PS Fruit Loops or the generic variety are the only cereal I saw with blue! Fruity Cheerios will leave your rainbow incomplete.

Thanks for the fun idea Delicious Ambiguity!


  1. This is too cute! Thanks for following my blog! I love your ideas! Anything you wanna throw my way would be awesome!