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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mommy, I’m Scared

Every time K sees a scary movie or show (and by scary I mean an angry dog growls at the little boy or something of the sort) he comes running to me and exclaims “this is too scary, you need to turn it off!”

How blessed I am that my child’s greatest worries in life right now are things that will never hurt him, and that I can turn off! So many children live in constant fear of real dangers each day of their lives, and at much younger ages than my son.

one day, my little boy will face real fears that I can’t stop with the click of a remote, but for now, I can savor his innocence and his bright eyes while I protect him to the best of my ability from the horrors of the world.

Erasing the fear from my precious son’s face is definitely one of the finer things in life, and it’s What I Live For.

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  1. Isn't wonderful to be able to so completely comfort our children? Little Bit is starting to have nightmares and all he wants is Momma to snuggle him. It's pretty awesome to be able to soothe him and reassure. Your right it is a finer thing in life! Have a blessed day :D