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Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Luminaries

After I posted about my Jack-O-Lanterns from a Jar last year, Debbie left a comment explaining how she used to make Luminaries for Halloween and of course I had to try it!

The process is fairly simple...you empty and clean how ever many cans you want. Draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on them and use a nail and hammer to punch holes along your lines. When you light a tea candle inside, you get something like this:P1020356

Adorable right? All it takes is a little patience and stuff you probably have on hand such as empty cans, a hammer and a nail.

Remove the label from the cans and draw your jack-o-lantern type faces on them. Then fill with water and freeze (this will prevent the cans from bending while you hammer them).
Once the cans are frozen, hammer a nail along your marking to make little holes for the light to glow through, kind of like dot-to-dots.
DSCN3989Debbie also suggested making two holes on either side of the top of the can and stringing wire through them so you can hang them up...if I had a tree to my name I would be all over this! Paint them or cover them with Mod Podged fabric and they look adorable day and night!

Happy punching! If you make these, please link to your luminaries in a comment so we can all see how cute they turn out! I’m republishing this post from last year because I learned how to do it right and took new pictures.


  1. this is an awesome idea! thanks for this! I totally want to make these now!

  2. Wow! This is fantastic! I hope you'll come link it up to my Halloween party this weekend. www.whilehewasnapping.blogspot.com. It would be such a great addition! It looks wonderful!


  3. Those are adorable! Plus, they seem much safer than using paper bags as luminaries.

  4. Very Cool! I never would have thought to use that tool! Very smart!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Party!

  5. I've done this before and it is so much fun! Love your designs!

  6. This is SO cute and it is recycling, which I love!! Please stop by and link this post to my little blog party, if you get a chance. It's called Theme Party Thursday. Any projects about Fall or Halloween are perfect. :)

  7. Yours are so cute. The picture looks really good!

  8. You are the luminary queen this year.

  9. So cool! You could adapt this for other Holidays, too - have to get this idea to my Son, so He & Grandson could make some!!! Thanks for sharing.... ;-)