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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toddler Neck Pillow

Many parents of young children have probable felt that little wave of panic while driving when they look back and their child has fallen asleep, with their head so slumped forward that you can't even tell if they're breathing. Never mind, that position cannot possibly be comfortable.

My parents and my in-laws live at least 8 hours away, so when we visit, we're in for a long drive. To help make the journey more bearable for everyone involved, I whipped up these easy toddler neck pillows to help everyone ride more comfortably (the parents being able to breathe easier on behalf of their children). DSCN3440 All you do is cut out a horse-shoe shape. DSCN3435K was more than happy to combine the strange neck attire I used to make sure it would fit right with his crown...King K (we've heard a lot of this lately :)). I would tell you the measurements, but K stole my pattern and hoarded it in his stash...he wanted to wear the paper more than the pillow.DSCN3433 Cut out 2 pieces of fabric with your pattern. (Yes, the lovely fabric matches my Pack & Play Fitted Sheet, and yes, I still think it's ugly but K loves the Mickey Mouse's)DSCN3436 Sew the pieces right sides together, making sure to leave an opening wide enough to turn right side out and stuff.DSCN3437
Clip the seams on the inside of the neck line so when turned right side out, the pillow will lay nicely. DSCN3438 Turn right side out and stuff. 

Hand or machine stitch the opening shut. If you have enough material, why not whip one up for yourself? :)DSCN3439
Happy travels!

Thanks Make It & Love It for the inspiration!

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  1. What a great and easy project! I'm always worried about my kid's breathing and neck position when they fall asleep in the car. I'm wondering if this pillow would also help my Emmy stay asleep longer!

  2. Great idea!! It'll save a lot of parents from craning their necks around to the back seat.

  3. I love this, so often the Grandkids seem to doze off on the way home from school. I feel like they are hurting their necks, I'm going to make some for them this week. Thanks for sharing!