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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Story: Third Grade

Join me each week as I participate in Mommy’s Piggy Tales, which is an effort to record our youth.

In our church, you get baptized when you turn 8. This gives the child the opportunity to make the choice for themselves whether or not they want to join this church.

Leading up to my baptism, my mom was busy sewing me a pretty white dress with lace on it, as well as a simple cotton dress to wear when I got baptized. I loved the lacey dress and wore it for years…it helped that I never grew much until high school.IMG_0032 On the big day, the hot water wasn’t working. When baptized, it is through immersion, which means you have to be completely submerged under water. Though the experience was wonderful, my teeth were chattering and it took a while for me to warm back up.

The room was packed with people who knew and loved me, including my grandpa who was not a member of our church, as well as my first grade teacher, who also wasn’t a member of my church. It is still such a neat feeling that even those who didn’t believe in the same things as me loved me enough to support me in my endeavors.

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  1. That is so neat that you felt so loved on the day of your baptism! My mom made my confirmation of baptism dress when I was in 8th grade out of white eyelet material, with a light blue underlayer, and I thought it was beautiful! It's funny how special clothes like that stay in your memory.

  2. What an adorable picture!
    It is great that you had support from your teacher and grandpa!

    Jody - momentswithgirls.blogspot.com

  3. I remember when I was baptized, the heater wasn't working at our church either...brrr! I know how you feel! I loved lacy dresses as a little girl too.

  4. Baptisms always make me cry...clearly for what it signifies but more than that - it's the people standing up for you and with you. That part really gets me.

  5. We just had a baptism yesterday - always a very special time. You mom did a great job on your dress, and I'm so glad you had special people there to support you.

  6. What a wonderful story, and so full of love. Isn't it so amazing when we get a glimpse of how we positively affect other people when we expect it the least?

  7. I've been bopping all around your blog tonight. I like this idea of documenting your childhood. I have been wanting to do that as well. OOOh...I think my first story may be when I tried to commit suicide about age 3 or 4. Don't worry, it is a happy story with a religious them.