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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cardboard Boat

I literally can’t stand the thought of just throwing boxes away, no matter how big they are, though the bigger the box, the harder it is.

So, when we got this beauty with a package inside, it was destined for hours of entertainment. DSCN3150 We’ve already made a car and a zoo out of cardboard boxes, so it was time for a boat!

I cut the box in half lengthwise.DSCN3151 Along the flaps, I cut a few inches further in and pulled the flaps together. I then held the flaps in the shape I wanted the point of the boat to be and traced it. I then cut off the excess cardboard.DSCN3152 With just enough packing tape, I taped the ends of the boat in place, and taped both halves of the boat together. DSCN3154 Naturally we had to have fish, complete with a fishing rod. Sadly the velcro wasn’t strong enough for K to catch his fish. I’m still working on a better solution.DSCN3157 Add some water…DSCN3155 and sail away!DSCN3158


  1. This is so very cute!! I think *I* could play in there for hours! :) I imagine magnets of some kind might work for the fish? Not sure. I know we've have great success with putting a paper clip on a paper fish and then using a "magnet" rod to fish for them. But that boat... fantastic!

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays! I really appreciate it! ☺

  3. How cute is that! We've done the cardboard cars, but never a boat. So fun!