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Thursday, May 6, 2010

De-junking 101

I didn't grow up with much money, so when I left for college and married early, I had no problem scrimping and saving...we're still doing it, and I think we're doing just fine. However, I came to realize that I am a pack rat!

When we moved last year, my brother-in-law commented that when he was a newly wed, he kept every single thing too. I know he didn't mean it in an insulting way, but I was honestly hurt. As we unpacked, I realized how we really had been keeping everything that we might possibly ever need. I don't know how I stood the constant clutter in our last 600 sq ft apartment! We had stuff from wall to wall.

What I took away from Crystal Payne's "Clear the Clutter" challenge is that anything you don't like, use, or need should be ruthlessly gotten rid of, by whatever means necessary.

Craigslist is becoming one of my good friends as I sell and get rid of stuff. I'm getting to know the good people at Goodwill's drop-off point.

And you know what else? I haven't missed those things one bit! Nor have I found a time that I needed them.


  1. Good for you! You are doing a good thing for the planet too, giving others the change to recycle and resuse the stuff you don't need. Bet the uncluttered house will feel much more like a home when you are done.

  2. De-cluttering is great! I've been slowly convincing my mom of this and I think she's finally seeing the benefits and decluttering on her own.

    Thanks for understanding my crazy day post. I debated posting it b/c I like to always have a positive look on motherhood, but I don't want to give the impression that I'm all smiles and giggles and can't imagine a mother having a bad day. We have them and we know they'll pass but it's nice to hear another mom say "yes, I get it" Take care Judy!

  3. I have been trying really hard to declutter. We got married young (21) and didn't have much so I try and still live frugally, but end up hanging on to junk. It makes me feel so much better to get ride of stuff and know someone can use it! Trying to give a box away a week!

  4. It's amazing how wonderful de-cluttering makes you feel. It's a great way to clear the energy in a home too -I find good things always happen after I de-clutter a room!! Hope that happens for you too!