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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have You Heard About the Mosquito Magnet?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Mosquito Magnet. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband is one of those blessed people who never seems to get bitten by a mosquito. He must have bitter blood. I, on the other hand, attract them like sugar water. When summer starts, I rarely have fewer than 8 mosquito bites somewhere on my body, no matter how careful I am. The ones on my face are especially attractive...

I've even been so desperate that I tried rubbing my legs and arms down with a dryer sheet which is supposed to repel mosquitoes. I think it only made it worse.

Not only do I attract mosquitoes like no other, I react horribly to their bites. The area swells to the size of a quarter, if not larger and the itching and pain are intolerable. Have I painted a clear picture yet? Let me just say, mosquitoes make my life miserable. I avoid going outside during the evening and have to carry bug spray with me a good deal of the summer.

Don't forget all of the health hazards involved with mosquitoes, especially the risk of West Nile Virus. I try not to think of whatever contaminants mosquitoes may be carrying because it just stresses me out. I do the best I can to avoid them for all of the reasons mentioned in this post, but the health risks worry me the most, especially with my kids.

If I had a disposable income and a yard of my own, I would definitely think about investing in a Mosquito Magnet. From the testimonials on their site, this may be the one thing to make my summers more tolerable.

According to the informational video, the magnet emits a smell similar to humans which attracts the mosquitoes and kills them. The testimonials are full of praise for their products, naturally, but they have picture. It's honestly quite disgusting seeing how many mosquitoes these things catch, but obviously it's effective. Go look at the mosquito magnet review page! One testimonial showed pictures of a full bag of mosquitoes after only 3 weeks.

I can only dream of mosquito free summers, but it looks like the Mosquito Magnet might take me that much closer one day. It would be bliss to not stink/stick with bug spray, or to not be covered in ginormous red spots that itch like crazy. I could sit outside and watch the sunset while my kids play happily without worrying about how many bites I will count once I get inside.

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