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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red Light Green Light

K loves school buses! We drop my husband off at school every morning and there are many mornings that K asks to go to his school, on a school bus.

For this reason I knew that he would love this book I found at the library:

School Bus by Donald Crews
I had a winner! He asks to read this one several times a day. One thing I love about Crews' books is the fact that there aren't tons of words. Not that I hate reading longer books, but the fact that only a few words accompany the pictures allows K to fill in the blanks and tell me his own story, with guidance of the words Crews has provided.
Two of the pages have traffic lights with only the words "Stop" and "Go" so I decided it would be fun to teach K about traffic lights.

After teaching him what each color light meant, I would quiz him while we were out driving around and he picked up on it so quickly. He regularly tells me what color the light is and what it means we should do.
One morning, after reading the book and reviewing what each light meant, I googled a traffic light coloring page and printed out three different lights. K colored each one one color, in the corresponding place. I was pretty impressed with how well he stayed in a certain area.

After we had three lights, we played "Red light green light." This was pretty entertaining with an almost 3 year old. He stood on one end of the room, and when I held up the green light and said go he would run as fast as he could to get me, until I held up a red light and he would run back to the starting position. Finally, after a few rounds of this, he got mad and told me to let him get me, which I did. Obviously this can easily be adapted for any age and it's so easy to do. He had so much fun and wanted to color even more after we were done. He's never colored this much!

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  1. Glad to see he's experiencing a "green light" when it comes to coloring- so good for those fine motor skills! Yeah for stop lights!

  2. Great project!!! I was trying to explain this game to my daughter last week...it didn't take :)

  3. It's been too long since we've played Red Light/Green Light. Great way to stretch the story!

  4. Great coloring skills. We also loved Donald Crews when my daughter was a little younger.

  5. What a fun game, and hooray for new coloring skills! We also are big Donald Crews fans. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. My son's favorite color at the moment is yellow. It's so cute to hear him try to say "Yellow bus" He watches for the bus every day.

  7. hi! I'm a Friday Follower-- just found your blog (it was right after mine!!)
    Have a great week-- check my blog out if you get a chance!

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  10. I am following a long from....pick a meme...I'm on both too! LOL

  11. Very cute! I am a new friday follower! Please come on over and follow back if you get a chance!

  12. Sooo Fun! I still remember this rhyme from preschool:

    Red means stop!
    Green means go!
    Yellow means wait
    even if you're late.

    thanks so much for playing! Think of all the money you are saving being your son't personal tutor. Having you as a teacher is such a wonderful thing for him.

  13. Very cute, Emily loves playing red light, green light. I will have to check out this book the next time we are at the library :0)

    Thank you for linking up and sharing your ideas with us!!!