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Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

My brain just cannot begin to fathom the suffering that is happening in Haiti right now. The news footage is gruesome and heart-wrenching.
There is a huge effort here, and throughout the world, to raise funds to help the survivors and I am amazed at the unity and compassion displayed by so many. The blogging world is in on it. Many bloggers are offering to meet their readers donations. Even just reading these blogs has left me full of gratitude. Gratitude to live in a country where the people don't just sit back and watch others suffer.
Money Saving Mom has links to various relief organizations that donations can be made to, and she has also added links to other bloggers who are pitching in and doing what they can.
I would encourage anyone and everyone to think of how they can help, whether it's through donations, or prayers, or just getting the word out that there are ways to help.

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