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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cotton Snowman

Trendy Treehouse had a post on making a cotton ball snowman and I decided to do one today with K while C was napping. It was so much fun, and K was so proud, though you can't tell from the picture.

I drew a snowman and put glue dots inside the circles. On the top two circles, K experimented with ripping the cotton balls into smaller pieces, and on the bottom one he just stuck the balls on whole. He then learned how effective glue can be when he tried to redo some of it :)

I colored and cut out eyes, nose and a mouth and he helped place them on the glue. He then had to help color a hat and we made several different ones until we had one that was just right.

I love projects like this because it's so easy to adapt them for different ages, so I think this will be redone in years to come.

And now for a heart melting smile from C...


  1. What a fun project. That's a good idea, and I even have all the supplies.

    Your kiddos are adorable. Love C's big toothy grin :-)

  2. Cute snowman. We made one earlier this month with marshmallows and cotton balls. Crafts with kids are fun!