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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visit the Library

Since we moved here, I have been so impressed by our local library. In the kids section there is a huge play area with a great assortment of toys for all ages, including a train table which K is obsessed with.
They also have story time several times a week with each session focused on a specific age group (though it's not forbidden for kids of other ages to come), with puppet shows, songs, and other activities to keep the kids entertained. I know I have seen other libraries with similar programs and they are wonderful for getting kids involved. Several times a year, there is a story time bus which I'm hoping to try out soon.
Our library also has carnivals and open houses on various holidays.
Like I said, I have been so impressed. Women in my church group meet there once a week during winter months for play time.
If you haven't been to your library, now is a great time especially if you're getting cabin fever!

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