Friday, November 20, 2020

Gratitude Wheel (free PDF)

 I was looking online for Thanksgiving/gratitude crafts for my kids to do during Thanksgiving break (since they are losing interest in our gratitude tree that we've done for several years) and found the idea to order Thankful Wheels or Gratitude Wheels. I wasn't sure if they would get here in time and spent way too much time designing my own with my limited photo shopping skills and thought I would share it here for anyone else who needs something to entertain their kids during Thanksgiving break...

Gratitude Wheel (free PDF)

All you need is: a printer, card stock paper (regular paper would work but might be too flimsy), scissors, brad fasteners and crayons.

1. Download and print the PDFs of the wheel (there are 2):

Gratitude Wheel page 1 

Gratitude Wheel page 2

2. Cut out the wheels, including the little pie piece in Gratitude Wheel page 1.

3. Have your child color the top wheel ("Gratitude Wheel page 1") and on the bottom wheel ("Gratitude Wheel page 2") have them draw or write something they are grateful for in each section.

4. Use a brad fastener in the middle of both wheels to connect them. I had to use scissors to poke a hole in each first, then put the brad in. 

Gratitude Wheel

5. Turn the bottom wheel so that the window in the top wheel shows the different things your child is grateful for as you turn it. 

Have fun and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's my inspiration.

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